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Being the son of a very talented artist, I was exposed to the arts at an early age.  I have loved to create art all my life and have worked in many mediums during my life. Photography, however, has always held the number one place in my heart.  I love the process of envisioning an image and then working my way through the process to produce a finished fine art photographic image.  I enjoy spending a great deal of time and effort capturing a great image and then putting my heart and soul into ensuring it is processed and printed to the highest standard.  My work is my passion, and it is not uncommon to put hundreds of hours of effort into capturing and producing the final product. When it all comes together, the resulting image stirs feelings and emotions. I love to produce work that makes me feel good and I hope that I can stir up those good feelings in those that view and purchase my images.

 Using the latest technology in photographic equipment and archive quality digital printing equipment, I control every aspect of my fine art photography process to ensure that I produce high quality and longest lasting archival grade photographic prints.

Please feel free to ask questions about my photography or my photographic printing process.

...David Rice

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